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News7 in association with SunoSunao App proudly presents ANCHOR KI KHOJ – Season 2. We are looking for Young Talents of Odisha, who have the ability to THINK, LEARN & TALK in the following categories. 

  News Reader || Program Anchor || Radio Jockey || Voice Over Artist || Event Anchor 

Be a part of this unique Reality Show and win chance of being placed in the TV Channel in the first four categories.


1.  Download the SunoSunao App from Google Playstore or Apple IOS Store

2.   Create your Profile and Register in the app

3.   Record your voice within 1 minute

4.  Upload the voice with your choice of participation by a hashtag  : #newsreader OR #programanchor OR #radiojockey OR #voiceartist OR #eventanchor

5.       You can participate in all categories by using all the above hashtags


  • Facial Appearance                      Voice Modulation
  • Physical Appearance                  Body Language
  • Mental ability                                 Dressing Sense
  • Health                                           Camera Frenzy
  • Language Proficiency (Odiya/Hindi/English)  


To be eligible for competition, participant must record their voice in SunoSunao App only between 16th Jan 2023 – 15th Feb 2023.

The last date of submission is 15th Feb 2023

Age                       :     21– 35 Years
Sex                        :    Male/Female
Height                   :    Male-  5’5” – 5’9”
                                   Female- 5’ – 5’4”
Education             :   10+2+3. (Must have cleared his/her Graduation)
Language             :    Odia / Hindi / Eng.
Domicile               :    State of Odisha
Exceptions to any of the above will be at the discretion of NEWS7 only.



1.       Winner Trophy and Citation

2.       Appointment as News Reader / Program Anchor / Radio Jockey / Voice Artist within the Channel


1.       Event Anchor will only get Winner Trophy and Citation. 


1.       How to download?

·         Go to play store or Apple App store. Search “SunoSunao” and find the App.  Install the app from the play store/Apple app store.

2. How to Create Profile?

·         After installing the app open it. Swipe the screen to appear start.

·         Click the start button & go through the profile which appear in the below right side corner and tap that.

·         Click on Login & give your mobile number. You will receive an OTP to verify your profile.

·         Give your User Handel Name & Your Fill Name. Now your profile created successfully.

3.  How create first Audio Track ?

·         Open SunoSunao App from your mobile. Click on the + icon.

·         Click on the record Icon which is present in the middle of the page. Allow the permission to record.

·         Now you can record anything from the app. The audio length must be between 5 to 60 seconds.

·       After recording your Audio You can listen to it. If you feel it is not up to the mark then you can retake the audio. If you feel it is good to go then click on the next button.

·         You can use any appropriate inbuilt background music or audio effects which will enhance the quality of your audio tracks. Now Your Audio is ready.

4. How to listen (by search profile, search tag)

·         Open your App &just click on the play button. You can listen to random audio like songs, jokes, mimicry, poetry etc.

·         If you want to listen only songs or other categories then go to search and then go to Tracks and search #Songs or the other # tags.

      * Know more about SunoSunao 


Summa Real Media Pvt. Ltd.
#644/3019, Jagamara, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar – 751030


News7 team will be going through all the voice notes and has all the rights to select or reject any voice note send for participation


Once the voice notes are finalized, the shortlisted ones will be asked for a 1 minute video, which will showcase their screen talent. These shortlisted videos will be judged by our panel of judges who will finalise 20 names for each category. In total 100 names will be finalized for the Finale. The final 100 will undergo various on ground competitions like situation based topics, skits, impromptu speech on topics, sponsor based activities etc.


Entries will be screened and judged by an independent and non-partial panel comprising Film Makers, Artists, News readers & Radio Jockeys etc. In case of any dispute the Judges’ decision is final.

In case of any controversy on a matter not mentioned in the above regulations, the Organizers will decide and take appropriate action. The Organizers’ word shall be final and mandatory.


+91 7205282861

+91 9124017763

* (Open from 11 AM to 7 PM )

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