Monday, March 25, 2019


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Women unlock liquor shop, destroy stocks at Jatni fish market

Bhubaneswar: While youths and young boys were busy in playing Holi with each other in Jatni town, some women took to a mission taking auspiciousness of the day and ransacked a liquor shop at the fish market on Friday morning.
Nearly a hundred of women gathered at the liquor shop and reportedly broke open it door and destroyed all liquor bottles. They reportedly handed over 10 cartoons of illegally-kept country liquor to police to prove the illegal business going in the shop.
According to reports, the women had been protesting against the establishment of a country liquor shop in the market. They gathered today and forcefully entered the shop and shattered the bottles on the road.
A few of them were detained and taken to the local police station, said reports.


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