Niali sheep killer caught!


Bhubaneswar: An unknown animal, who looks like a dog, suspected to be behind the mass killing of sheep in Niali area was caught by villagers today morning. However, the forest officials are yet to reach the spot to identify the animal.

Villagers of Sasanapada caught the mysterious animal, which is suspected to be behind the killing of sheep in the area. Earlier, they claimed that they spotted such animal for the first time in their locality and suspect it to be killer.

The locals who caught the animal, who looks like dogs, claimed that two to three such creatures escaped from the spot and urged the forest officials to trace them at the earliest.

Even as the killing of sheep by mysterious creatures continues unabated in Bharanagarh village in Niali in Cuttack district, forest officials on Saturday intensified their search for the predators believed to be a pack of wild dogs.

A special team from Similipal National Park who has been camping in Niali reportedly came to know that four wild dogs were behind the mass killing of sheep. They have set traps to capture the killer animals. The special team from Similipal equipped with tranquilliser guns and drone cameras have intensified their search operation.

In last two months, nearly 150 sheep have been killed in the area.

Forests and Environment Minister has been claiming that it is act of a pack of wolves but surprisingly the forest officials are not able to trap or trace the animals.


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