Odisha colleges asked to go cashless

Published on By prameyanews7 (author)

Bhubaneswar: The State Government has asked the Higher Education Director to ensure that payments of fees are through cashless transactions in colleges.

In a letter to Higher Education Director Dr Nihar Ranjan Patnaik, Joint Secretary to Government Akshay Kumar Mohanty has asked him to facilitate setting-up of infrastructure   for facilitating cashless transaction in aided colleges.

“I request  you  to  impress upon all the aided  colleges  across  the State to set-up required   infrastructure   in order to facilitate  payment   of  any  kind  of  fees  or  any  service   being  provided   to  the  students through  any  of the  digital  mode  i.e. Internet  Banking/Credit/ Debit Cards/Aadhar based POS or UPI system at no extra cost to students,” the letter stated.

“Besides,  it is requested  to set up the required  infrastructure   in your  own office  to facilitate  payment  of any kind of fees / services  provided  to the clients  / General  Public through   digital  mode as indicated  above at no extra cost,” it added.

The direction of the Government came after the Ministry of Human Resources Development asked the State Government to adopt cashless facility in colleges.