DND flyway: MCD toll booth continues to cause choking traffic snarls, risking lives


The DND (Delhi-Noida-Direct) flyway has become everyday stress for the commuters of Delhi and Noida especially during peak hours. Motorists say that they are ready to pay the toll once again but they don’t want to get stuck in the seemingly never-ending gridlocks on a daily basis.

Since the flyway has become toll free, the MCD toll booth has been placed barely metres away from the dismantled booths, to collect toll from the commercial vehicles.

Even though the flyway is eight-laned, the MCD toll booth creates a mess on the road, resulting in traffic snarls. Be it in the morning or evening, a majority of the commuters are coming or going to the office have to plan their day early as they know that they have to remain stuck in traffic for more than an hour.


The MCD toll booths have been placed at the narrowest stretch on the flyway. “This particular stretch has been chosen so that we can take toll from all the commercial vehicles with less man power. Traffic jam could be averted if toll booth is placed at the widest stretch on flyway. But to manage that, we need more man power,” one of the senior staff member, on condition of anonymity told Mail Today.

“My office is in Lajpat Nagar and I stay in Greater Noida. The journey from my office to home is of 30 minutes only, but due to heavy traffic on DND, at least one hour is wasted every day,” said Taniya Dutta (28).

The Supreme Court made DND flyway connecting Delhi and neighbouring Noida toll free for commuters on November 11, 2016.

Not only the traffic jam, but the MCD toll booths are putting the lives of commuters at risk in the non-peak hours. It seems that the MCD is waiting for an accident as the toll booth staff members come in the mid-way to stop the commercial vehicles. If the commercial vehicle applies the brakes to stop, the vehicle coming from behind is forced to apply emergency brakes to avoid the collision.


It has been found that the moment a vehicle cross the main toll booth in Noida and pace up the speed, he bangs into surprising MCD toll booth and often the person on wheel looses the control on the vehicle.

The MCD booth operators are not following the basic norms to indicate motorists about the placement of toll booths. Also, no signal has been placed for the visibility of the barricades in the dark hours.

During dark hours, the heavy vehicles stop in the mid-way and park their vehicle at the roadside making the flyway narrow. It creates traffic snarls and once the entry timing of these vehicle starts, their movement creates more trouble for other commuters as the toll attendants only focus on taking tolls. They are least bothered about the effect on the traffic movement.

Earlier Mail Today had reported that improper driving of the motorists, especially by not opting for lane driving, is also a major cause of never-ending traffic snarls at the DND flyway and other UP-Delhi borders that have MCD toll plazas.


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