School of Hotel Management, Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Sikshya “o” Anusandhan University, hosted its Fresher’s Party 2017, SITARE in the welcome of the Fresher’s batch of MHTM (Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management and the BHMCT (Bachelor’s in Hotel Management and Catering Technology) on 21st October2017,in the college campus. The theme of the event was “BOLLYWOOD” which was depicted by every nook and corner of the college campus. The Advisor cum Dean, Dr. Sitikantha Mishra inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. In his address he said “It can be a life changing journey for you all and we wish each fresher to leave an impression of infallibility on the walls of this institute”.. The seniors’ students welcomed their fresh inmates by offering them a grand scintillating cultural event. On this occasion a plethora of cultural activities which included song and dance performances were organized. The event further entered into a joyous state with the western dance, based on the theme followed by fashion show for judging Mr. & Mrs. Freshers 2017. The ceremony was celebrated with fun, frolic, smile and rejuvenated spirit.. The events were artistically and beautifully presented in colours as well as style. The audience were kept enthralled for hours together by mind blowing performances and spirit of bonhomie and friendship echoed during the event. All the students participated in the event with great enthusiasm. The fresher’s batch was also not behind in showcasing splendid performances. The function was followed by cake cutting ceremony.
A gala lunch was organized in the institute’s restaurant. Adarsh Bisoi and Sweta Boiti of Bachelor degree programme and Biswanath Das and Parul Tripathi of masters’ degree were selected as Mr. and Ms. Fresher’s. The teamwork of different committee of the institute played a very important role in making the event a huge hit. The event concluded with every newcomer carrying a feeling of happiness within them. The show revealed the tireless efforts of all the students in exhibiting this programme.


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